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Living in a country where a dictator for a Communist leader is just stifling and dangerous; It is also thinking about life in industrialized countries in other places are different all over the world. Joo Yang, North Korea in 2010, have a question about reddit Wednesday and explained that it was unfortunately travel and experience life in the world. North Korean defectors have secretly flee the country. Some of them were basically grow brainwash brainwashed by the propaganda, a deserter, who spoke the journal British the independent said it developed the belief that Kim Jong-il was a God who could read their minds. Yang is his family in Korea of the South in 2011. An NGO has helped through a path of modern travel underground railroad to escape from North Korea. Here are some of the comments that have on life in Korea of the North against the outdoor life: read MoreNorth Korea apparently brought in a position of ballistic missiles fired Thursday (April 11), a campaign of threats against the United States, north korean rocket video South Korea and its allies continue to spread. Pyongyang in anger with economic sanctions by the United Nations for the testing of nuclear weapons in February makes it much and Sands lately. The regime has threatened to turn the great American cities in the Lake of fire and announced last week that allowed a possible nuclear attack against the United States. While the North Korea missile program ' is involved in secret, analysts doubt Pyongyang can fully guarantee these harsh words. ' here a brief summary on the hermit of the Kingdom is stable from ' potentially dangerous rockets and missiles, based on the best assumptions and estimates by Western experts. [Images: the North Korea missile program ']. Download the player. PlayerPlays: 723881 CodeSwitch integrate (embed: 442684) of North Korea, who prepares every day to carry out a nuclear test, a video presentation announced a city in the United States, including in New York, after a rocket attack has engulfed apparent fire. The film was loaded Saturday, Korea's official website, Uriminzokkiri, North distributes news and propaganda of the State media. The video is filmed like a dream, a young man aboard a shuttle space North Korean into orbit of the same type of rocket that Pyongyang tested is a success in life, in December, it launched. As the shuttle of the globe - are the countries extended circles, the world, including a new happy Kingdom of Korea. On the other hand, the approach moves State Building, fire in a city wrapped in the flag of the States Unidos-bajo apparent rocket with its skyscrapers, including the Empire attack or appears to be in ruins. Works somewhere in the United States, black clouds of smoke rises, the subtitles on the screen. It seems to start in the nest of the poorly lit by fire by itself. The video ends with young people that his dream can become reality. Despite isolate all kinds of imperialist and attempts to crush us. It can never prevent someone from those walking to the final victory, he said. In the North should conduct nuclear test provocative response to United Nations sanctions after its release in December. AFP,.